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Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche sofarsoShawn gave 4 stars to Beyond Good and Evil (Paperback) by Friedrich Nietzsche
This was the last of Nietzsche's oeuvre that I had to read, I saved it for last because it’s so hustled as Nietzsche at his most incredible so it was something I could look forward to slogging through the swamps of his more mundane works. Nietzsche is hyped as this great subterranean immoralist, I suppose I was expecting too much, or maybe I'd just been thoroughly inducted into Nietzsche's thought, that by this last read, he had already worn through me. Genealogy is better; and if you're going personal, Gay Science, is where he's at his best.

Nietzsche's writing is so scattered and aphoristic, it's almost impossible to summarize, so I kept putting off writing this review until I stumbled across Leo Strauss's Note on the Plan of Beyond(1); and then I didn't know what to write until I noticed, in true Straussian style, what Strauss didn't write. Considering who Strauss is and his expertise as a Platonic medievalist, he never mentions aphorism 195, where the great slave revolt in morals begins. However, he does give a precise and shocking interpretation of the will to power: as a vindication of God! The philosophers of the future as the apotheosis of 'natural' man. Plato versus Homer indeed.

(1) https://archive.org/stream/LeoStrauss...

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