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Collected Papers, Vol 2 by Sigmund Freud sofarsoShawn gave 5 stars to Collected Papers, Vol 2: Clinical Papers, Papers on technique (Hardcover) by Sigmund Freud
These are the papers which are the subject of Lacan's infamous first Seminar* and is actually how I came to read them. After this work up, how could I not?

"If we are under the impression that we are here to stand back in admiration of the Freudian texts and marvel at them, we will certainly be well satisfied. The freshness and vivacity of these papers is not surpassed by any of Freud’s other writings. At times his personality is revealed in them in so direct a manner that one cannot fail to remark it. The simplicity and frankness of tone are in and of themselves a kind of education."

I wasn't disappointed. Now after that interpolation on to the rest of the seminar.

*This isn't the particular edition of Freud's papers I read (full title of teh works: Zur Technik der Psychoanalyse und zur Metapsychologie // On the Technique of Psychoanalysis and Metapsychology). As it wasn't listed on GoodReads, I was in want of a place holder.

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