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Submission by Michel Houellebecq sofarsoShawn gave 5 stars to Submission (Hardcover) by Michel Houellebecq
What most struck me when finished this book was how sanguine Francois' whole transition was, from unconvinced atheist having banal internet hookups to Muslim polygamist. The political backdrop, France electing the Muslim Brotherhood to power, was secondary, but hung like a shadow to Francois. There was barely a struggle, both politically and personally, French Socialists and the UMP aligning like they so often do to stop Marine Le Pen in the presidential run-off and Francois convinced of the own emptiness of his life (and the Republic), converting to Islam as a career move, and further enticed by the prospect of his own connubial teenager. Though the Jews go through a sort of soft expulsion, or make Aliyah, as they say - thank G_d for that Jewish state - the benign ease in which it all happens is terrifying; because why not? The Socialists have already capitulated, it cannot survive without the support of the Muslim vote, the UMP is bleeding support to the benefit of Le Pen, and the atheist humanism of the secular West is an empty vessel crying to be filled. So why not Islam? This is the terrifying trajectory Houellebecq sets out in Submission.

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