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Human, All Too Human by Friedrich Nietzsche sofarsoShawn gave 4 stars to Human, All Too Human (paperback) by Friedrich Nietzsche
I'm find it a little strange nowadays to finish a book without some sort of ceremony... A Goodreads paragraph or two should do it :) Thus:

So MANY aphorisms! My preference is weighted: Volume I, as I found it much more enjoyable, you could tell what period of life Nietzsche wrote. Volume II also pretty good but so many aphorisms started to drag, by The Wanderer and His Shadow I was dying for a complete book. By their nature, I found the litany of aphorisms jarring; because they can each potentially contain holistically different ideas, you have to gain your bearings for each one. Volume I I found the most cohesive, which may have been why I liked it the most. From the outset he takes a strange (for the authour) and disappointing swerve towards science and the men of theory; strange and disappointing because I like my Nietzsche when he's at his most "irrational".

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